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Pure Design is a boutique design firm that delivers the highest level of creativity, service, and project management. Laura Parsons and the Pure Design team have been providing their clients with a full range of interior design services since 2002. We offer the capabilities of a large firm combined with the personalized service you deserve.


We approach the design of a home holistically, resulting in a flowing, visually cohesive space. Our focus is to provide our clients with a design that reflects their lifestyle and aesthetic. Our interiors lead to an ease of living, the result is an interior that is balanced, comforting, and calm.


We enjoy working on residential interiors exclusively, both new construction and renovations. Laura Parsons and the Pure Design team will create a space that is uniquely yours. We work closely with builders and trades to ensure your project runs smoothly. Well, known architects and builders trust Pure Design as a valued partner for your residential project.

Teresa Gilger


Firm Founder and Principal Designer

Tel: 239.775.4057

Teresa Gilger
Lead Designer

Tel: 239.775.4057


Pure Design's team of talented designers and project managers will create a space that is uniquely yours. We offer a white-glove service that ensures your design project is comforting and calm. Our detail-oriented team is experts in making sure your tailor-made project is a beautiful and enjoyable experience. 

Alyssa Buescher
Viktoria Pesetskiy
Kayce Robinson
Designer + Drafter

Tel: 239.775.4057


Tel: 239.775.4057

Purchasing Agent

Tel: 239.775.4057


Headquarters in Naples, Florida - Our studio of amazing + talented interior design professionals are ready to start on your high-end residential, new build, or remodel. 

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